What People Say

“Congratulations! No doubt this is an exciting time! I just had my first baby five months ago. Tori was there from me from start to finish. Tori was always ready to answer all of my never ending questions about pregnancy and motherhood in general. She always made me feel comfortable. Unfortunately, I was not able to have my planned home birth experience. After a very long labor my body tired, which
made my uterus stop contracting. Tori made sure that I knew that I was in control of the situation. She explained to me what was happening within my body. She never pushed me to continue on laboring at
home. Instead she kept me focused and arranged for a hospital birth. 


Tori never left my side. She made sure that I was admitted right away, and that I understood all my available options. Tori was a calming force during my labor. Once my baby was born, the doctors said that there was a possibility that he may have cystic fibrosis. I was terrified. Thankfully, it turned out to be a false positive. During the time that I had to wait for the final results of his test; Tori was there. She reassured me that no matter what the results, I would not be alone in finding the resources that I needed to care for my son. I am forever thankful for her reassuring hugs

- Priscilla