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Birth Plan Workshop

Interested in learning how to write a birth plan and how that can serve you in your birthing experience?


Come join us for this workshop! We will go over what evidence shows versus what is common practice in Nevada and how these effect different phases of your birth. Learn about what options you can put in your birth plan, as well as how those things serve you in a home or hospital setting. Together we will create a birth plan for you to take home that includes what you want during labor, during delivery and newborn procedures.



$30 per couple in office

$50 per couple in home

The Fourth Trimester

We take all kinds of classes to prepare for childbirth but what happens after your baby is born? How can you prepare for the postpartum period? In this postpartum workshop we will dive into "life after baby". We will go over what to expect postpartum and basic postpartum care for mom, as well as a multitude of other topics. Tori Hinkle, DEM will assist in navigating the postpartum waters. So, bring all of your questions & concerns. We look forward to seeing you there!


Class Dates:

2019 Sat July 6 12pm-2pm

2019 Sat Oct 5 12pm-2pm

Cost: $30 per couple

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